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Drunk In Love Remix Ft Kanye West !FREE!

On the bridge, Beyoncé sings about having drunken sex in the kitchen: "We woke up in the kitchen saying / How the hell did this shit happen / Oh baby, drunk in love, we be all night / Last thing I remember is our beautiful bodies grinding off in that club".[30] The second verse of the song is half-rapped by her.[25] Jay-Z later appears to provide his rapped verse as he relates having aggressive sex to Mike Tyson who was convicted of rape in 1992.[36] Tyson also bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during a boxing match in 1997 which Jay-Z references: "Catch a charge I might / beat the box up like Mike / In '97 I bite."[37] He then compares his relationship with Beyoncé to that of Ike Turner and Tina Turner.[38] He forgoes subtlety as he raps, "Foreplay in a foyer, fucked up my Warhol/ Slid the panties right to the side/ Ain't got the time to take drawers off on sight... your breasteses is my breakfast".[25][27][39] Similarly to Beyoncé, Jay-Z sings about the places they have had sex in their house.[40] During his lines, he raps about "reppin' that Third", a reference to the Third Ward area located in Houston.[41]

Drunk In Love Remix Ft Kanye West


For this version, Kanye and frequent collaborator Mike Dean did a little remixing of the original track, adding some stadium-sized synths to bolster the melody, and slightly altering the beat. Kanye tacks on a verse at the front end of the song, drawing possibly the first ever parallel between "The Little Drummer Boy" and ejaculation, but Bey and Jay's parts remain intact. Though he stays close to the song's original topic (drunk sex) and provides a wildly entertaining verse, Kanye kind of feels like a third wheel here, the type that might scare your date away when he starts talking about impregnating mouths.

[Bridge]We woke up in the kitchen saying"How the hell did this shit happen?" Oh baby, drunk in loveWe be all night, last thing I remember is ourBeautiful bodies grinding up in that club, drunk in love

We woke up in the kitchen sayingHow in hell did this shit happen?Oh baby, drunk in love we be all nightLast thing I remember is ourBeautiful bodies grinding off in that clubDrunk in love 041b061a72


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