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Helping to  make Downtown Wheaton a great place to walk!

May 2024

We have been working on more projects. 

1.  Georgia Avenue Median Art: We have been in discussions with the County Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA)  about installing art in the median of Georgia Avenue near the new mural: between Price Ave and University Boulevard.  We provided letters of support from the Wheaton Urban District, Councilmember Natali Fani-Gonzalez, State Delegates Aaron M. Kaufman, Emily K. Shetty, and Jared Solomon, as well as State Senator Jeff Waldstreicher.  The Federal Highway Administration reviewed the concept and had safety concerns that it relayed to SHA.  Therefore, this project is on hold.

2.  Metro Station Art: We have met with WMATA 
and the Wheaton Urban District about adding art. We are currently exploring options for the entrance on the eastside of Georgia Avenue.  This involves obtaining permission from the owners of the apartments on top of the station entrance. This project is pending permissions.
3. Sidewalk Art: We are adding temporary chalk art  on the sidewalks in the vicinity of the mural.  We welcome folks to join us. You may even have seen a dinosaur and unicorn by some young artists who stopped by.

4. The Mural:  We are  watching it for any needed maintenance.   The mural has  served as the backdrop for a spoken word performance,  improv dance, special occasion photos and more. We  thank the Urban District and Capital One Bank for the installation of a viewing bench across from the mural. Come enjoy it.


Fun Mural Updates 

 from 2022 

VIDEOS of the Mural Installation 

August 12th — Eric B. Ricks, the muralist, projected the mural design on the wall to position the butterflies and hummingbirds.

August 5th — Video of the lift arrival for our young friends Thomas, Philip, Alijah, Maya, Aidan, Ellie, Ru, and all our other fans! 

July 24 — Video of muralist, Eric B. Ricks, talking about the mural at the community event hosted at Hakuna Matata Grill.

Video credit: DiAngela Payne

September 2 — Video of muralist, Eric B. Ricks, adding some finishing touches to the completed mural. Watch his shadow carefully as it helps him out!


  • Donate money to add more public art to Wheaton by clicking on the button below;

  • Consider providing services or equipment;

  • Become a sponsor for $5000 and be featured on this website and have an  "art and walkability' photo shoot with you and your guests.  You will receive a cool photo for your own website or trophy room.



This mural project was fully FUNDED as of September 2022. 

Thanks  to Our Sponsors

 and Individual Donors.

Greenhill Realty Co. and Wheaton Arts Walls Foundation

generously provided funding for both the mural and the solar lighting.


Thank you to our friends and sponsors below who support the work of The Art and Walkability Project in Wheaton.

Be a sponsor and your name will appear in this space.


Thank you to our partner and fiscal sponsor, One Montgomery Green.

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This project is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council.

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This project is supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County.

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The Montgomery County Planning Department 

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission 



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