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One Piece East Blue Arc

This one is a no brainer. I made a whole post dedicated to this arc. Amazing antagonist, great action filled arc with compelling and emotional writing. Everything you would ever need from a arc. In my opinion this is the arc where one piece really took that step from good to great / amazing.

One Piece East Blue Arc

As the intermediary captain and hypnotist of the Black Cat Pirates, Jango was Captain Kuro's right-hand man and a valued resource in doping the strength of the crew with his hypnotism. However, that doesn't mean Jango is a slouch himself. He's also able to use his hypnotism to stifle his foes, and his hypnotizing piece also serves a double-purpose as a razor-sharp projectile.

Netflix has been fairly tight-lipped about the show, which was first announced in 2017, but shared a behind the scenes look last year that showed off its incredible sets including the Baratie Bar, a giant restaurant ship that was built piece by piece for the series.

The powers of Puzzle Puzzle Fruit allow him to split his own body into pieces that he can fully control and thereby become immune to cutting attacks. After tricking his opponents, he uses knives and powerful bombs (Buggy Balls and Muggy Balls) to damage them.

Smoker is a seasoned Marine soldier who follows his own personal code of justice. He possesses the powers of a rare Logia-class Devil Fruit, the Smoke-Smoke, which allows him to create and freely control smoke, even transforming his body into it. He is also very proficient in wielding a jitte that is tipped in Seastone, a material that immediately weakens Devil Fruit users upon contact.

Buggy is a "flashy" pirate captain who dresses himself as a clown. Buggy has consumed a Devil Fruit called Bara Bara no Mi, and this gave him the power to split his body into pieces. But, it also took away his ability to swim. He was an apprentice on Gol D. Roger's ship.

Shanks is an old friend of Luffy, from when he was a kid. He is Luffy's idol, a brave man of unparalleled strength and determination.He once saved Luffy's life when the bandit Higuma kidnapped him and Luffy almost ended up eaten by a seaking, a huge sea beast (not a PoKéMoN).Shanks lost an arm saving Luffy from the seaking.

What is new about them is that their loyalty abilities may include other costs just as normal activated abilities. Normal costs and loyalty costs are not separate. There aren't two ways of activating the ability. You must pay both costs to activate the ability.The other new feature about Ships is abilities with a loyalty no-cost different from . usually means you don't need to put nor remove loyalty counters to activate that ability.Well, as long as there's is no + or - in the symbol that still applies. You don't have to put or remove loyalty counters, but the ship must have at least that number of loyalty counters for the ability to be activated. So this is not a cost, but a condition.

I could do all of it easily if I weren't trying to make the set based on this manga.Is because of this nature of the set that I can't see a way to achieve cohesion, at least at this point.I think coming releases, basically the second and third parts of the block will provide cohesion to the block. As more elements will appear and all the mechanics will be more developed.

Finally, I'd like to say that planeswalkers are people of immens power in official Magic releases. Or at least, are supposed to be.This is a guideline WotC follows in the development of their story.But I don't have to follow that guideline.As I said before, planeswalkers as a card type, are only a role in the game. Anyone may design common planeswalkers with poor abilities and low costs for example.

Responses Paragraphs:1-4: That is an important clarification. Thank you for finally making it clear.5-7: What. You both recognize and don't recognize the qualities of "good" and "bad"?8-11: Then don't give them loyalty counters? IDK what the heck you'r thinking. If it doesn't function like a PW, but utilizes the PW template, then how does it function!? And before you reply hastily again saying that it functions according to it's supertype, look up the advance rules for PWs, then edit them and post then as your answer so we can comprehend your invisible thoughts. Please.12-14: Frames are far more important than you're giving them credit. They visualize for the player the rulesets associated with the card itself. While the frame isn't the card type, it's just as important for player comprehension if nothing else. Please don't lecture me, again.15: That thing (is it a human or is it a ship?) is not modern legal and - like the Monger subtype - shouldn't be a foundational precedent for design just because it's the only time MtG has depicted a "pirate ship" as a card. And please don't dismiss the opinions of others just because they say something sort of negative about an aesthetic in your design. Game design is an art. If a piece of art is criticized with what seems like a weak reason, the reason may be a lot bigger than it looks. Think Iceberg Vs. Titanic. Do your best to comprehend the criticism to your fullest capability and don't dismiss it. Please.16-19: Venser and Nico Bolas exist as both creatures and PWs because PW cards are a recent addition to MtG. But you still want Higuma to be a PW? Regardless, do you see how fruitless specific advice is at this current stage? There are tons of little changes I want to make, but you can't appreciate them because you won't agree with them because I don't know what you were going for.20-23: Seven years ago I began reading text books on game design in addition to High School because I was in love with game concepts. I still am and I'm still learning. One theory in particular has remained largely constant throughout those seven years in regards to game designs similar and including MtG. It's Parsimony. Subytpes on Lands should really only be done if it is super important. I can understand adding ONE prevalent subtype (maybe two) on lands if they have a unified function and are strongly connected to the theme - like with Gates.24: Madness. That is no way to live.

Many blocks nowadays have one minor subthemes - RTR block had the Gates. Do you know how many card are designed for a mechanic only used in one set? Obviosuly there is no fixed number, however on average 14 fits pretty well. So, for a block-filling subtheme using the same number is perfect, actually. The thing is though: RTR only introduced this one new, non-creature subtype, whereas your set has.. Sorry, didn't count - but way more, obviosuly. So they add to your already very high numbers of mechanics, etc - making it feel very crowded. Timespiral even had less going on, but still is closest what comes in mind of "normal" Magic. I know, you don't want your set to be compared to it, however: While I personally enjoyed Timespiral (pretty much, actually), it is generally known to be received very, very poorly because it was considered too crowded and many people didn't get the timeshifted cards. Since both of these issues somehow apply to your set as well, you should at least consider them..

In the end, it's your set and you obviosuly don't need to listen to anything we say - yet when you come to ask for some advice, I'm afraid many if not most users within this forum will agree at least to some of my (or Trisky's) arguments. Anyway, don't let that dampen your efforts!

First of all, it might be fine powerwise - it doesn't look broken at first sight, which is why imho playtesting would be required. That aside, balancing new cards upon older ones is always a good idea! Considering Lighting Bolt propably is the best burn spell ever printed (or at least very close to so) though, it's not the best card to use in this case

- Fleshpulper Giant or Clear a Path are very recent examples of red destroying creatures.- Aura Flux and Aether Barrier not only have others sacrifice permanents, they do it unless a cost is paid, which is exactly what Arlong does. By the way there are many other blue cards that have sacrifice effects.

  • About colour pie breakage About Purin Purin I think you're right. Make it will do? For having both Battle cry and the draw.Purin Purin

  • I have the same problem that with Mizu Taihô. I can't see how a fish spitting water can be other colour than blue. But it also doesn't convince me. I'd like to find a way to fix that card.

  • About Double strike, I don't think there is a reason to be that strict. Double strike is mechanic rarely used. And just because red and white have the most cases of double strike it doesn't mean it's theirs.Haste is almost monopolized by red, but sometimes haste happens in green. This is the same.Besides, it's a 4/4 with a mana cost of it's not getting the double strike for free.

  • Think of Lightning Strike as the little brother of Obliterate

  • "End the turn" effects have never been . But is also true that "End the turn" effects have almost never been.There only exist 2 cards that end the turn. One is blue; the other is colorless, which allows any colour to use it. Simply that effect hasn't been very developed. I think it's up to use in any color.

  • About detain... detaining is typically blue as well as white yes. But includes , so it is not that wrong. And sometimes you can adapt mechanics to other colours if the backdrop demands it. Shadowmoor is a good example.

  • Kazaguruma is red as well. That should be enough.

About Hyappatsu Mizudeppô, I though of bouncing and such, but what it depicts is a fish spitting water and injuring and killing people that way. What should be the proper way to represent that in a Magic card?How about have it deal 6 damage instead of 10 to justify the direct damage in blue by its high cost?

At first I designed them completely green. Then I turned them hybrid with red. Why not red and green multicolor?Because that forces me to make them with at least CMC=2 and have two different colored mana in their cost, which could be done with some of them, Kazaguruma would be one, but if done to others they would be pretty useless for their high cost.In general I try to make them more expensive than they would be if they were mono-red, but still playable.Also I think I could make some multicolored "exceptions", Kazaguruma for example, for specially powerful ones.But for the weaker ones... I think I have to cling to the fact that Hornet Sting, Bee Sting and Unyaro Bee Sting exist. 041b061a72


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