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Sae J1939 71 Pdf Download

Likewise, in the case with J1939, imports instead of and passes the required arguments when creating an instance of j1939reader.J1939Reader. Then the j1939reader.J1939Reader instance starts a thread by running start_listening() and receiving PGN data through a j1939.ElectronicControlUnit instance that is connected to the passed CAN interface (cfg['can.port']).

Sae J1939 71 Pdf Download (code) reuses OwnCaToProduceCyclicMessages and for the requirement A and C with the add-on PGN decode functionality for the requirement B that is closely explained in the following.

start_listening creates a j1939.ElectronicControlUnit instance and connects it to the passed CAN interface (cfg['can.port']). Then the ECU instance adds the current j1939reader.J1939Reader (precisely, j1939.ControllerApplication inherited by j1939reader.J1939Reader) instance and starts a thread of it. After running start_listening, the ECU instance can start reading raw CAN frames from the connected CAN interface, convert them into PGN data and send the result to a callback function, on_message, of the j1939reader.J1939Reader instance. 350c69d7ab


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