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Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams

The Ultimate E-Book for Radiologic and Imaging Sciences and Patient Care

new images, updated information, and extra resources bring the best of the best so you can learn, master, and practice just as the best of them do. laboratory skills in radiography covers the procedures needed for clinical practice and laboratory research. youll learn about specimens and their preparation, how to protect the lab staff and yourself, and how to collect and report data. labels helps you focus your learning and gives you all the tools you need to succeed in any laboratory setting. new images and case studies throughout reinforce what you learn in the classroom and in your practice labs.

Introduction To Radiologic And Imaging Sciences And Patient Care - E-Book.epub

experience the thrilling world of medical imaging with introduction to imaging, 2nd edition. this easy-to-use, up-to-date resource covers not only the specific requirements for radiologic technician certification, but also gives you the skills to design, interpret, and present radiologic findings. learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body; information and reporting techniques, including using color to aid in interpretation; the proper technical knowledge required for various imaging modalities; the latest imaging technology for diagnostic and interventional procedures; and more.

leverage the clinical experience and expertise of instructors who have years of clinical experience in a small class. designed to accommodate the unique needs of this innovative course, introduction to radiologic sciences comes with complete learning tools including: art/arrest software, object and patient images, on-line activity exercises, and a study guide with laboratory practice questions and exam-taking tips. students will be provided with the freedom to ask questions at any time, as well as to do their own independent study during study weeks.


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