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Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine Free Dow...

Back at Babylon, Jones discovers the Infernal Machine. He sees Turner and Sophia put Taklit's Part in a socket and activate some levers. A crystalline cage drops down in front of them and Turner orders Sophia to enter it and go to the Aetherium, where Marduk lives. Sophia refuses and Turner pushes her in anyway. He sees Jones and says he will use the machine to destroy the Communists and "secure" the world for the Western Powers. Jones doesn't like the idea but Turner disappears with Taklit's Part. Jones discovers that Turner has stuck the machine parts, except Taklit's, in the wrong places. As he searches for Turner, he puts the parts in the right places. Afterwards, Jones faces Turner in an attempt to get the last part to shut down the machine, but Turner accuses him of wanting the power for himself. A gunfight ensues and Jones wins. He takes Taklit's Part and installs it to free Sophia, but the cage drops down into the portal and Jones dives in after her.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine Free Dow...

Jones ends up in the Aetherium, a world filled with machinery. In this place he finds the Tool from Beyond. This device opens portals back to Earth (usually places Jones has been before in his adventure) so Jones can replenish his health. Afterwards, Jones faces Marduk but can't defeat him easily. He rushes through a portal that leads him back to the Pyramid of the Sun and gets the mirror from the statue. Rushing back to face Marduk, Indy used the mirror to bounce back Marduk's electric balls back at Marduk, causing him to flee and drop his medallion. Indy inserts the medallion into a socket and an electric ball drops down. Indy then charges his whip with it and goes off to free Sophia. He succeeds in doing so but Marduk swoops in and merges his body with Sophia, creating Mophia, a large bird-like creature with Sophia's face and Marduk's wings. As Jones evades Mophia, he finds portals linking him to the mine shaft in Meroe and retrieves King Solomon's jewels. Returning, Jones uses the jewels to unlock three doors that have portals leading to Babylon behind them. Jones opens these portals causing a leak between realms and weakening Mophia. Jones later attacks Mophia with his electrified whip and Marduk is destroyed, releasing Sophia. The two share a romantic moment that is interrupted when the Aetherium begins to collapse. Sophia and Indy run through the portal back to Babylon and the Aetherium vanishes behind them, sealing the dimension and the resulting earthquake destroying the Infernal Machine. Volodnikov confronts the two but admits that it was wrong to have tried and used the Machine for world domination and becomes friends with Indy and Sophia. The three then walk away into the sunset.

Alarmed, Indiana travels back to the Room of the Tablets in Babylon, and finds a now-opened gate leading even further into the ruins, to the core of the Infernal Machine. He catches up with Sophia and Turner, the latter of which intends to convince the other dimension to cooperate with the USA, and uses the machine parts to activate the engine.[25] He then pushes the unwilling Sophia into a mystical cage as a means of sending her to the Aetherium as an ambassador.[26] Indiana sees no other way but to kill him to reclaim all parts and rescue her.[27] However, the activated machine goes awry, and Indiana and Sophia are sucked into a portal that leads to the other dimension. There, he defeats the malevolent Marduk[28] and frees Sophia from her cage. Having escaped back to Babylon, the team is greeted by Volodnikov, who is curious to find out if they encountered God on the other side, which Indiana denies.[29] In the ensuing conversation, the Soviet doctor turns out to be a lot less extremist than assumed, and the three wander off into the sunrise in search of a good bottle of vodka.[29] A bonus level sees Indiana return to the Peruvian temple from the opening of the film Raiders of the Lost Ark, and has him find another golden idol in a secret room. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine for PC. 041b061a72


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