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Levi Diaz
Levi Diaz

Sapphire Blue

With the development of semperguard sapphire blue, a lightweight and extremely soft protective glove, Sempermed introduces a suitable latex-free alternative for anyone looking for a glove combining exceptional wearing comfort with an indispensable force at break. The extra soft sapphire blue material wears like a second skin and is especially suitable for people with sensitive skin who have problems with natural rubber latex.

sapphire blue

Sapphire blue is a strongly saturated shade of blue with the hex code #0F52BA, often used to describe both paler and more purplish blues as well. Sapphire blue is named after the sapphire gemstone, the third hardest mineral in existence.

Sapphire Blue is an active, flowing low-fire glaze that breaks clear over texture and pools a rich electric blue where thick. Because of its tendency to break and expose the clay body beneath, this glaze looks stunning over 67-M (Sedona) and over textured ware that has been painted with underglaze.

This Beach Iris Block Print is made up in the timeless Hamilton kaftan style. The sapphire blues against the crisp white are incredible and fresh perfect for the beach day to night and beyond! Hamilton is an extremely feminine kaftan/dress hybrid with a triple tiered skirt & tiered short full sleeve. The fit through the body is exactly like the Paloma but longer with more flouncey layers in the skirt and of-course the shorter fluttering pretty sleeve. The piping is stunning. In stock for limited orders and then moving to preorders.

Beautiful white stock and blue larkspur tower above white spray roses and hydrangea in our Hints of Sapphire arrangement. With a calming balance of white and blue, this vase of florals will be a delight to receive. 041b061a72


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