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How To Buy A House Via Auction

In recent years, a new type of auction has become popular known as the modern method of auction. Used by some estate agents, the modern method of auction allows buyers to bid on a property online. The buyer will pay a non refundable reservation fee but will have a longer completion timescale, giving the buyer time to sort mortgage finance. Take a look at out guide on the pros and cons of online property auctions

how to buy a house via auction

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Real estate investing isn't limited to big banks and investment firms. Many small-time entrepreneurs engage in home-flipping as a side gig or full-time pursuit. Some even work on a house while living in it, and then literally move to the next project when it's ready to sell.

Most auction websites sell their homes as-is, meaning you agree to accept the deal regardless of the home's condition. Unless there's an extreme or unconscionable violation on the part of the seller, you will not be able to renegotiate on price, regardless of any surprise defects you might discover.

Yes, you can get a home loan for a property purchased at auction. In a competitive real estate market, buying a home at auction is a fantastic way to circumvent the headaches of offers and rejections.

Most auction properties are sold subject to no contingencies. Inspections are typically allowed before the sale of the property, but the sale is not contingent upon post-auction inspections or the buyer obtaining financing.

The key to successfully buying a property at auction is speed and good organisation. An experienced mortgage adviser will be able to work to very tight time frames to arrange an appropriate mortgage in principle, as well as talking you through the whole process. This could make all the difference to your chances of getting that property gem at a great price.

Surplus Property disposes of select property through varying auctions. Those include public auctions, GSA Auctions, and/or sealed bids. Below you will find links to all current online auctions as well as upcoming Public Auctions.

Not that long ago, real estate auctions occurred on courthouse steps with a handful of attendees bidding in hopes of acquiring investment properties at deeply discounted prices. Tax sales and foreclosures ruled the day.

Those interested in buying real estate at auction range from investors to those who plan to use the property as personal homes, places of business, and rental properties. These prospective buyers can find information from a number of sources. One source,, maintains a list of properties offered at auction. Prospective buyers can search the database by state or by other variables. Realty auction information can also be found through Google searches, by following auction companies of interest, newspaper announcements, and even roadside signage.

These newer prospective buyers have learned to use the vast information available on the internet to make themselves competitive with those who have spent decades buying real estate at auction. The internet has demolished the barriers to entry for these auctions. Anyone with discipline and who is willing to do the necessary due diligence has the potential to do well with real estate auctions.

For those who absolutely have to have a property that meets specific criteria, the traditional search through real estate listings might still be the way to go. But for those who are willing to do their due diligence and are somewhat flexible regarding property characteristics, real estate auctions offer the potential for great bargains.

If you are considering buying real estate you should resolve, right from the beginning, to approach any purchase with cold calculation. During the pre-bidding stage, you should have ample time to do your due diligence and calculate the maximum bid you are willing to make. In the excitement of a real estate auction, once the bidding starts, you might not have time to reflect and weigh factors as carefully and completely as you might like. Do yourself a huge favor and do your math ahead of time. Once the bidding starts, stick to your plan.

Auction companies vary in the information they provide about auction properties. Carolina Auction and Realty provides at least fifteen photographs and a video of the property. If the company makes any representations of material fact regarding any aspect of the property, whether positive or negative, they try to include a photograph or two depicting it. But ultimately, it is up to the prospective buyer to inspect the property to determine its condition. Prospective buyers bear the burden of determining all facts about the property that are not specifically represented or warranted.

Many auction companies set aside one day for inspections, usually within a week of the close of bidding. We are always amazed at how few people actually show up for these inspections. A smart and thorough buyer takes advantage of this inspection opportunity.

At Carolina Auction & Realty, a weekday close to the end of the auction period will be set aside for inspection of industrial and business properties. Residential house inspections usually occur on the Sunday before the close of bidding.

Before you can bid in the real estate auction, you must register with the auction company. At Carolina Auction & Realty, you can register online. Carolina Auction & Realty does not require bidders to provide a deposit before participating in one of its real estate auctions.

Most auction companies do not provide financing, so if you intend to finance the purchase, you will have to do the financial leg work to ensure you will have the necessary funds to complete the transaction in a timely manner. A finance company representative will tell you what you need to obtain the necessary financing, from tax returns and bank statements to proof of employment, credit history, assets, and other indicia of ability to pay.

For those willing to do their homework, buying real estate at auction can present some outstanding opportunities. The real estate auction process tends to move quickly, so this type of investment requires flexibility and determination both pre-auction, as you prepare for bidding, and post-auction, as you fulfill your contractual obligations after entering the winning bid. Luck favors the prepared. But if you prepare well, you just might get a great deal on a terrific piece of property.

Tom Jordan, Auctioneer, CAI, AARE, AMM, CES, MPPA, has been an auctioneer for almost twenty years. He is licensed as an auctioneer in North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina and as a real estate broker in North Carolina and South Carolina. He is the owner of Carolina Auction and Realty, a Raleigh, NC company offering online real estate, commercial equipment, estate, business liquidation, and benefit auctions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and is a graduate of the Certified Auctioneers Institute at Indiana University. He serves as the Vice Chair and Trustee of the NAA Education Institute and as Chairman of the Conference and Show Education Committee.

You may view the following lists online: Auction List (PDF format) and a list of properties being offered together. A list of removed properties is updated on a regular basis. Please check the Removed Items (PDF format) on a regular basis , or e-Subscribe for property tax sale notifications . After the public auction, a list of items that were offered (PDF format) will be available.

Properties may be redeemed, removed, or removed for technical reasons prior to the auction date. A list of removed properties is updated on a regular basis between the time the list is approved and the public auction date. Please check the Removed Items (PDF format) and Postponed Items (PDF format) on a regular basis during this period of time. If you would like to be notified when the next list will be available, e-Subscribe for property tax sale notifications.

Sacramento County public auction tax sales are held the last Monday in February each year, with a follow-up sale in May or June. Properties not sold or postponed from the February public auction are normally offered at public auction the second Monday in May. Please read the Auction Information Packet for further information regarding Sacramento County's tax sale.

There may be someone living in the property you purchased. Prior to the tax sale, bidders do not have a right to trespass or enter any property listed for sale at the public auction. Sacramento County does not own the property and does not have access to the property as in private real estate transactions.

The County shall have a claim against the Purchaser for the actual cost of auction for that property, and the purchaser may be banned from bidding at the Sacramento County Public Auction for a period of five years.

Effective January 7th, 2022, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office will conduct the sale of all real estate subject to foreclosure online through the "Official foreclosure Auction Site" operated by Realauction. This new process is in accordance with the contract between Realauction and the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.

For detailed information on electronic foreclosure sales and bidder training please contact Realauction at (877) 361-7325, or Our electronic foreclosure auction web address is which will be active and available for registration December 7th, 2021. Please note that it is the responsibility of any prospective bidder to familiarize themselves with the new procedures.

NOTE: In-person auction will continue to be held for all Treasurer Tax Sales until further notice. The auction will occur at 10 AM EST, the first Thursday of every month at The Montgomery County Administration building 451 W. Third St. Dayton, Ohio, 45422, lower level auditorium.

Mortgage Foreclosure sales are scheduled every Friday and start promptly at 9:00 AM Eastern Time (EST). An auction will take place for each listed property; however, the system will only sell one property at a time. After a property sells, the next scheduled property sale will begin. 041b061a72


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