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Hunter Adams

The Best Sources to Download Steve Jobs Ebook in Epub Format

My concern lies with the speed at which this transition can occur. When compared to other changes in the market, the transition will occur more quickly. Ebooks have been a part of the landscape for almost ten years now but the print book industry as an end user has lagged behind. In comparison, the music industry moved to MP3 music almost overnight with technology being a relative step for ebooks.

steve jobs ebook download epub

We are, by all accounts, in the early stages of this transition. As audiobooks have shown, it is doable to move an entire content piece to a new medium. However, transitioning entire books would be a somewhat complex process and would require thousands of people to make the jump and streamline book production to accommodate it. If we could avoid that, I suspect that books would begin to transition toward ebooks sooner than later.

I think this would be a new way of thinking about books. Instead of thinking that the printed word is the end goal, we would begin to think about books as more like files. Today, when I read a book I often have multiple different copies of it because I read it on my home ereader as well as on my laptop. The idea of the ebook would be to have just one copy that I can use anywhere. This sounds less exciting but it would address the actual issue that caused ebooks to come into being- the issue of portability. Now, I can read a digital copy of a book anywhere I can access wifi and I can then download it to my ereader or laptop. By providing a single copy of a book, the transition from print to ebooks will be much easier, and that can only be a good thing.


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