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Levi Diaz
Levi Diaz

Resident Evil 6 Pc Nude Mods [Extra Quality]

The first two nude mods makes Leon Kennedy's companion, Helena Harper, naked. She is an attractive young woman and also Secret Service agent. With this modification you can get better view of her slim figure and her impressive sized bust. The first nude mod bares Helen just to the waist, while the second (sent to us by the visitor of the site with the nickname NR) makes the girl completely naked. The first mod may not work correctly if you move away from Helena, but when you play for the girl herself, there are no problems.

Resident Evil 6 Pc Nude Mods

Download Zip:

Resident Evil 3 Remake is almost upon us, and we are pretty sure that one of its first mods will be a nude mod for Jill Valentine. Now while gamers can patiently await for such a mod, they can get a taste of it via this nude mod for Resident Evil: Revelations HD.


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