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The Selection Process 

These three mural artists were selected from a field of 40 mural artists all of whom live in Maryland. Maryland residency is required by The Maryland State Arts Commission, Public Art Across Maryland Program which has provided partial funding for this project.  In addition, The Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County and the Montgomery County Government are providing support in part for this project through the  Wheaton Cultural Projects Grant Program. They promote engaging local artists from the County and the Wheaton area in particular.


A Selection Committee reviewed each of the online submittals. The committee members were asked to use  a set of weighted criteria and then met virtually on Tuesday February 22, 2022 to deliberate. They recommended the three semi-finalists: Eric B. Ricks, Juan Pineda and Nicole Bourgea.  The owner agreed with them. The  selection criteria were tailored to advance the goals of this project. They are:


  • Creativity and Innovation 15%  How well does their artwork show an appealing, fresh, exciting, or unique approach or outcome?


  • Mural Experience 30% How much experience does the artist have in the design, project management and installation of permanent outdoor murals in this climate?


  • Community Engagement 15% How much experience does the artist have in teaching art, running community art activities, or giving presentations, for example?


  • Emotional Impact, Aesthetics and Skill 30%  How good do you feel looking at their artwork? Is the emotional impact generally positive? How well does the artist’s aesthetic match this project? Are the works of a high professional quality with good composition and appealing use of color? Is any imagery beautifully interpreted or abstracted? How artful is their use of paint?

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