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Canyon Defense 2 Swf Download [TOP]

"How do I embed these games on my website?"Answer: You need two parts. The HTML code to embed files and the game file itself. Game files are usually SWF and can be downloaded by finding the path and 'Save Page As...'. There are a slew of websites that show how to 'embed html flash games'.

Canyon Defense 2 Swf Download

Canyon Defense is a single player game by Miniclip. It was published on March 6, 2008[1]. The game has three different options for style of canyon, each at a different difficulty, as well as the difficulty setting for number of attacks your canyon will receive. Enemy units are ground or air units, each requiring different types of weapon to deal with.With each enemy unit the player destroys they get more money. This money is used to build more defenses for the canyon.There is an option to purchase buildings that have different effects and abilities that are useful throughout the game.The game is started with a small amount of money; only enough to buy three basic missile turrets. The player quickly gains more money defending against enemy units.


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