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As a rule of thumb, a vulnerability scanner will work programmatically down a list of known exploits and check the system for the presence of that fault. A penetration tester will look for the same weaknesses and then launch an attack appropriate to the specific loophole to break into the system.

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Acunetix can be used in many different ways. It is available in three editions, and that increases its flexibility. This is a vulnerability scanner, but it can also be used for on-demand scans during penetration testing. Options include scans from outside the network to check on Web application weaknesses and the external profile of a network. The tool can also scan a network from within to spot opportunities for moving onto different endpoints.

You can set the tests running continuously in a vulnerability scanning mode. There are options to enter login credentials to let the tester get into the network and act like an intruder or leave it without access to see if it can find a way into the network. Scans produce threat reports with each discovered problem ranked by severity. The tool can also generate compliance reporting. You can set the scanner to raise an alert as soon as it encounters a vulnerability.

Intruder is a vulnerability scanner that can provide attack surface monitoring that is useful for penetration testing. You would use this system to look for security loopholes and then try an attack to confirm its potential as an exploit.

Both versions of Metasploit include a vulnerability scanner that searches for more than 1,500 vulnerabilities. Both versions also have a command-line option, which is accessed through a bespoke Terminal / Command Prompt screen, called Metasploit Console. Only Metasploit Pro offers a graphical user interface, which is browser-based.

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Intruder is a proactive vulnerability scanner that scans you as soon as new vulnerabilities are released. In addition, it has over 10,000 historic security checks, including for WannaCry, Heartbleed, and SQL Injection.

Astra Pentest offers a vulnerability assessment tool that packs the intelligence acquired over years of security testing. The vulnerability scanner conducts 3000+ tests ensuring a thorough evaluation of your security strength. It scans for the OWASP top 10 and SANS 25 CVEs will help you comply with ISO 27001, HIPAA, SOC2, and GDPR.

You can view the vulnerability analysis through an interactive dashboard. Assign vulnerabilities to team members, update vulnerability status, and watch compliance status from the same place. The process becomes even easier for you through the integration of the vulnerability scanner with GitLab, GitHub, Slack, and Jira. 350c69d7ab


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